Bywater's Art Makes A Statement

22 September 2010 10:35
City old boy news Former Coventry City goalkeeper Stephen Bywater was forced to issue a statement via Derby County after his neighbours branded his garden an eyesore.According to the Derby Telegraph, the garden which Byewater erected in the name of art contained a graffiti daubed toilet block incl;uding the words "love" and "piece" and horse block along with a blow up doll and matching rubber genitalia attached. Police had been brought into the dispute between neighbours and Bywater is reported as saying: "Lots of people have a hobby and my current hobby is art. "We spoke to the neighbours at their request on Thursday, September 16, and they told us that as far as they are concerned it can stay, and I quote, 'we are not that bothered'. "She advised me to use a dictionary next time."Derby County issued a statement saying: "The club was made aware of the issue through a third party and has been in dialogue with Stephen about it and the perceptions that may arise from it. "We have also been in contact with his neighbours regarding his actions. "Derby County does not condone and completely disassociates itself with this type of behaviour. "This is not the type of conduct we expect from one of our employees."Bywater issued a statement on the Derby County Official club website which read: "This morning (Wednesday 23rd September 2010) an article was published in the Derby Telegraph detailing certain items that I have put in my garden over the last few weeks and days. Although I consider this a private issue I would like to apologise to any supporters and local residents in Derbyshire who have been offended.It was and is still my view that my actions were made as a private citizen and in no way linked to Derby County Football Club. However, now it has been brought into the public domain, I acknowledge that this does not reflect well on me as a professional or the Club in general.I am one of the Club's longest serving players and therefore I, better than anyone, appreciate the responsibilities that come with representing Derby County, both on and off the pitch. Although I'm disappointed this private matter has become a public issue I have now taken action to remove from view the items which have caused offence to local residents and I apologide again if my actions have in anyway damaged my reputation or the reputation of the Club. Stephen Bywater"