Brody Wants Fans To Pay For Transfers

20 August 2011 10:44
Brody's latest scheme Coventry City Director Leonard Brody wants supporters to contribute money to a transfer fund. In another one of his schemes, the Canadian has already made enquiries as to whether City supporters would be willing to contribute to a ring fenced transfer fund, which could not be used to service the club debt. This fund if there was enough money in it, would then be used to buy players. For what it's worth our view, is that this is doomed to fail as a) supporters pay enough in season ticket, merchandise etc and it is not our fault that the club cannot find the money for transfers and b) there is so much mis-trust of SISU and the Coventry City board in light of recent events at the moment that most supporters would not want to be involved in such a scheme if they could afford to contribute.