Boothroyd: One Game Away From Being A King And One From A Clown

13 November 2010 09:31
City boss staying level Coventry City manager Aidy Boothroyd has said that today's game at Crystal Palace is not a must win game but it is important."If we come back empty-handed and I don't expect that to happen - but then we won the next ten matches then the fans would come back," said Boothroyd to the CT."I don't get into thinking 'this is a must win game' because it is not - we could go on and win the next ten and have 28,000 and a band and all that stuff again."I didn't for one second get carried away the other week. Experience has taught me you are only one game away from being a King and one from being a clown, so I stay nice and level."I know people in Coventry haven't won anything for a long time (only Coventry City FC and the Rugby team. Covsupport News Service) but I am used to that. I want to win every single game and whether we win or lose, my foot will still be on top of everyone because we want to make sure we have something to shout about at the end of the season when we are all tired and need a holiday." Picture copyright of Covsupport News Service. Credit CNS/SB