Boothroyd: King Abuse Won't Affect Team

24 September 2010 11:07
City boss on abuse Coventry City manager Aidy Boothroyd has said that he does not think there will be any abuse from the City supporters for Marlon King if he turns out for the Sky Blues.Last Saturday at Bristol City, there were some songs deriding the striker who signed on Monday until June from sections of the 840 strong Coventry support, however, speaking to the CT, the City manager is not concerned that abuse directed at King would affect the player or the rest of the team.Boothroyd was optimistic and said: "No because I don't expect any of the home fans to be doing anything like that because they come to support us and stand behind us and the decision of the manager, and I am sure they will be fine, particularly when we go on winning runs.""As far as away fans are concerned, I have always felt that if people shout and boo at me it is because I am a threat to them, and I quite enjoy that and he will get exactly the same because the best players always get stick and you have to take it as a really big compliment and just get on with it.""At the bottom of every footballer is a kid who just wants to kick a ball about and put it in the net, and that's what he wants to do."In terms of managing the media or other people's expectations of what we should be doing, I would be a fool to say there won't be some who are not happy with what we are doing, but I also know for a fact that there are an awful lot more people who come up to me and say, 'are we doing it,' and 'what a really good signing that will be,' and 'he could be the one that pushes us on.' and I think there is a lot more positive feedback towards him that people might think."Generally the people who do write the odd email or go on the TV or in the newspapers are probably the ones who should just let people get on with their lives."


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