Boothroyd Happy With Pre-Season Training

09 July 2010 01:32
City boss on pre-season so far Coventry City manager Aidy Boothroyd has said that he is happy with the way pre-season fitness training in Austria has gone so far.Boothroyd opted to take his players to Obertraun in Austria rather than have the early part of pre-season training at Ryton or Warwick University and told the CT's Andy Turner: "I'm very pleased with the way things are going because the attitude and application from all of them has been first class."I have set up early training so they get ready for 7.20am and for most people that is normal, but it isn't for footballers to be getting up and organised. I think a lot of it is about discipline on the pitch and if we can get things right off the pitch that is half the battle."We have had no problems and everyone has worked very,very hard three times a day and four on Monday so they have been doing plenty."The early session is a 45 minute speciific and steady loosener that is technical before breakfast. The middle session then starts at 11am and generally tends to be the hardest one that is football specific with less numbers but bigger areas to disguise the running."But it is competitive and there are punishments for losing teams. And then the third session of the day is usually a gym session when they can work on any deficiencies. So, if someone has a shoulder problem they now have a personalised programme to work on that in the gym and they will work on that twice a week throughout the season in order to cut down on injuries."That's called prehab rather than rehab and they will do that or some positional specific running so you have centre backs running into channels and the front players getting down the sides and lots of crossing and shooting."The idea is that they get the discipline right and everyone together then we can turn our attention to the tactical side of how we are going to play and what we going to do."