Birmingham v Coventry game under review

11 August 2011 09:06
Rioting may cause postponement West Midlands Police will decide later  today whether to allow Saturday's football match between Birmingham City and Coventry City at St Andrews to go ahead. Some football matches, mostly in London, were postponed during the week after the violence, looting and rioting that erupted in many parts of the country. Birmingham didn't escape the disorder and three young men were killed when they were deliberately run down when a car mounted the pavement. Police officers from the West Midlands and Coventry forces will meet later today to discuss the situation and then decide whether the game will be allowed to go ahead. The police may delay making a firm decision today and wait until tomorrow to see if there is any more violence tonight. Football games in London are at risk of being postponed as well because of the rioting, but last night was quiet and there are hopes that the trouble has run its course.