Baker We Still Have To Believe

01 April 2013 11:32
Carl Baker on the points deduction

Coventry City captain Carl Baker is hoping that City will win their appeal against the Football League's deduction of ten points last week.

Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph's Andy Turner, Baker said about the points deducation:“I’m devastated to be honest

“But at the end of the day the fans are the most important people at any football club and I think it was important that we got a result for them on Friday, even more so than ourselves, so it was nice to get three points to send them home happy with something to shout about after the week they’d been through. 

“We know how hard it was to get those ten points on board and it’s heart-breaking because we still believed we could get promoted this year. We still believed we’d make the play-offs but it’s really difficult.

“The gaffer said to us before the game that the reason why he loves football is because it throws up new challenges, and when he said that it made me even more up for the game. We get these challenges but it’s about how you bounce back and deal with it, and since I have been at Coventry this is probably the best bunch of lads I’ve played with.

“I see them all as really close friends and to play with them week in, week out is a pleasure.

“You can see the lads are frustrated because they worked so hard to get where we were. We could easily have rolled over and seen the season out but there’s too many good players, big characters and fighters to let that happen.

“That mentality will be the same for the last five games, 100 per cent, because we still have to believe that if we appeal we can win. As far off as that may sound, we still have to believe that. And you never know, a miracle may happen and we win the appeal and still be in with a chance.”

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Source: Coventry MAD