Appleton Statement In Full

26 April 2013 12:35
Administrator Statenebt

Statement from Administrator Paul Appleton on the Alan Higgs Centre/ Coventry City row.


I am somewhat puzzled by the stance taken by the Alan Higgs Centre Trust in relation to the Coventry City Academy.

For many years, the Trust were content to be paid by Coventry City FC Holdings and to deal with CCFC Holdings on that basis.

This was the situation that prevailed historically despite the fact the Trust were fully aware of the division within the club between Holdings and CCFC Limited which held the Licence for the premises.

Why they have elected not to continue on that basis following CCFC Limited entering administration and the Holdings offer of a compromise deal, is a question only the Trust can answer.

It certainly can’t be because they fear contravening compliance regulations of either the Football Association or the Football League. Both those bodies were completely aware of the situation within the Club and have raised no issue with it either before Limited’s administration or subsequently."

Source: Coventry MAD