An Error That Cost Us - Westley

05 October 2013 08:13
Opposing Manager's View

Stevenage manager Graham Westley felt that it was an error that saw his side go down to a 1-0 defeat to Coventry City at the Lamex Stadium this afternoon.

Speaking to Three Counties Radio, Westley said: "This road back from losing ways to winning ways was never going to be an easy one and we've seen a number of performances in recent weeks way below the level. Today there was a lot more about us that I liked.

 "The side is going in the right direction. It's an error that's cost us, take the error out and it could have been a different result. In recent weeks as we've played top six sides we've looked miles off the pace, today I thought we looked much closer to it.

 "It's important when you're not getting the results that you can see the progress you're making. I think the lads know there is progress being made, that we're not at the level, but it was very much a more Stevenage performance today.

 "I said in my programme notes today the club had lost fourteen in seventeen when I arrived, I've lost 11 of the seventeen now that I've been here for. That's a marginal improvement but Rome wasn't built in a day and we're nipping the losing habits in the bud."


Source: Coventry MAD


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