All Parties To Be Paid Off

16 June 2013 12:10
Debts Could Start Talks

According to Stuart Linnell on his BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Saturday afternoon show, when the sale of Coventry City Football Club Ltd to Otium Entertainment Group goes through, all the outstanding creditors will be paid off. 

Arena Coventry Limited are one well known creditor and although, Compass Catering could be a stumbling block if they refuse to change from their stance of offering CCFC 20% on food and drink sold on a match day, there is the possibility that talks to see City playing again at the Ricoh Arena could possibly be on the cards.

Arena Coventry Limited had initially said they would not speak to Tim Fisher but the risk of having the Ricoh Arena empty could change matters.

Mr Linnell also said that the sooner SISU see success at Coventry, the sooner they will sell the club and take their leave.

Source: Coventry MAD