A Huge Weight Off Our Shoulders - Thorn

21 June 2012 09:37
City boss on transfer embargo bring lifted

Coventry City manager Andy Thorn has said that a huge weight has been lifted off the shoulders of the club following news yesterday that the transfer embargo had been lifted.

Speaking to the CT's Andy Turner, Thorn said: "It's a big weight off our shoulders. "The shackles are off and all the hard work can start now to try to do some business and we want to try to get as many as we can.

"I haven't been off the phone all day after we got the news through, which is great, and there are more people who fancy coming.

"It's disappointing that we lost out on players who we had shown round the Ricoh and wanted to sign but it is nice now that we can go and do something, so let's see what we can get.

"We are acting fast because we have had things ticking over ready for when it was going to be lifted but it is not as easy as people think.

"Yes it is disappointing to have missed out on targets but there is not point dwelling on it," said the 45-year-old manager.

"I am sure the likes of Syers and Collins will be gutted now and had they hung on a couple of days we could have got things done.

"We kept looking backwards last year so I just want to be really positive and look forward.

"We will go down a different route and whoever we bring in will be players who will help us try to get out of League One and back to the Championship.

"Now is the time to act and I am sure we will make the right decisions.

"I am hoping we get some done in the next couple of weeks before the pre-season but it's important we don't over-react because it takes time and we will have to be patient."

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