A Great Performance And We Deserved It - MacDonald

03 March 2013 01:07
Opposing Manager's View

Swindon Town Manager Kevin MacDonald felt that his side deserved their 2-1 victory at Coventry City.

MacDonald told Swindon's club website: "The crowd and support was fantastic. It was a great performance and we deserved it and the way we reacted was testament to Tommy and Darren.

"Delighted for them because they got the club into the position they are now they just need a bit of guidance. I thought that we played some good football but it was more a reaction and performance from what happened on Tuesday.

We started well but the pitch was a bit bobbly and (the Coventry goal) was just one of those things but the most important thing is the win."

Full story; http://www.swindontownfc.co.uk/news/article/kmagreatperformance-689680.aspx

Source: Coventry MAD