A Few City Games We Think Were A Bit Suspect

11 February 2013 12:03
Some possibly suspicious matches

Former Coventry City manager Chris Coleman spoke in the week following the latest match fixing allegations to hit the game and he said that whilst he could not put a finger on it, he knew something was wrong during some of the matches during his time in Spain and Greece.

This struck a chord with some City supporters about  some of the games we have seen in the past where it is felt that the outcome could be possibly construed as suspicious.

Here are a few:

Coventry City 4-1 Everton May 26th 1985 - City needed to win to stay up whilst Everton were the Champions. There were rumours that a deal had taken place in a public house the night before the game and Everton, who did not fancy a trip to Norwich if they had sent City down,rested seven players.

Everton 1-1 Coventry City - May 10th 1998 - Everton needed a point to stay up. City took the lead through Dion Dublin and Everton were soon allowed to equalise and one half of Merseyside went home happy. Former Liverpool player Phil Thompson later lambasted City in the press but nothing came of it.

Manchester City 2-1 Coventry City - Feb 14th 1996 - An FA Cup replay where the winners got a trip to Manchester United which for Man City then was a massive game.  A woeful performance from the Sky Blues ensure Manchester got the derby it wanted.

Crewe Alexandra 2-1 Coventry City - May 8th 2005 - Crewe needed a win to stay up. City supporters arrived in Crewe to see local newspaper headlines of "We're Safe"  and the team made sure they got it, sending Gillingham down.

And suspicions is exactly what they are. There is, was or has been, no official proof of anything untowards happening in these games and as such the good character of everyone involved in these matches remains intact. 

Source: Coventry MAD