A Decision Had To Be Taken - Fisher

12 July 2013 03:33
Tim Fisher Interview

Coventry City CEO Tim Fisher has said that it has not been easy of late.

Speaking to the Daily Mail's Neil Moxley, Mr Fisher said: "It's with remorse that we couldn't do a deal. it's with sombre mood that we have got to ground-share. "It was a hard decision to make on one hand. Easy on the other.

"Hard in the sense that, metaphorically speaking, we wouldn't be able to take the majority of fans with us but with ACL pushing us in towards the edge of the cliff in that we must fulfil our fixtures, the Football League were getting nervous.

"That's why they supported the ground-share. The biggest risk in all of this was that we couldn't kick off the season. "A decision had to be taken. And it was.

"However, with us having taken the decision, the reaction has been one of shock. I have to say this has surprised me.

"Two months ago, I held a series of fans' forums and invited the local media to spread the word.

"The reason I did this was to pass on the message that we would be ground-sharing.

"I also said that we would build a new stadium. So, while I understand the emotions - absolutely - I don't understand the surprise.

'You cannot posture or mislead in a situation like this. It would be insane.

"We thought it was a game,' they said. But we were absolutely clear what we were going to do.

"As a professional, you must never posture or filibuster. You must do what you say you're going to. I don't understand the surprise.

"It's been ratified by the Football League. People are now giving them stick, asking: ''How can you not support the club?''

"The club is a member of the Football League, which has rules and regulations to which all clubs must adhere, one of its' fundamental principles is that its members get to fulfil its' fixtures. And this is what it has done."

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Source: Coventry MAD