100% Confident Things Will Turn - Keogh

18 August 2011 04:23
City defender confident that City's luck will change. Coventry City defender Richard Keogh has said that the players tare a hundred per cent confident that things will improve and they will start getting points on the board.  Speaking to Sky Blue Player at the club’s weekly press conference, Keogh said; "It was sickening the way the game ended on Tuesday but it shows in the performances that we are all sticking together.  "The atmosphere is really good still and we know we didn't deserve to lose that game but Saturday is another big game and we believe we can pick up points.  "We are 100 per cent confident that it will turn. Not one team has really got the better of us and that goes to show that we are in every game and, on another day, we'd win one of those games 3-0.  "Training has been really good and we are all really looking forward to Saturday.