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        "Findlay played well today. He was so close to that penalty. I wish everyone would just give the boy a chance."


        Clyde 0-2 Stenhousemuir
        "Urgent, it is time to go back home for the two owners and benitez. Now, Benitez must see when Gerard was asking back of Owen in November what kind of benefit it should have been. Benitez just think of buying and buying. He should have let the junior play like Nikola Saric and Daniel Pacheco."

        Javed Subratty

        Buddies in no mood for cup upset
        "Please, tell Rafa to leave the club immidiately, he spoiled the proud of the reds, he is unfit for Liverpool , i am eager to see his daily play diaries in the form of books, if not he was simply pretending . In my opinion Keny Daglish is the best man for the Reds "

        Tilahun Abebe

        Buddies in no mood for cup upset