Humble pie for Us

24 November 2010 12:30
Colchester manager John Ward admitted his side were well beaten after they went down 2-0 at home to Brentford. Gary Alexander put the Bees ahead in the first half and Charlie MacDonald converted Michael Spillane's cross to seal victory late on. "We got stuck in the blocks a little bit. We huffed and puffed but we never got going," said Ward. "We were a bit better in the second half but we didn't have the firepower that we've had in recent weeks. "We've been clinical recently but when those chances came our way, we got a bit excited about them. We've fed the critics a little bit. We've played very well at home over recent weeks but this wasn`t the night for us. "It's always hard to win three home games in a row but we can't grumble about the defeat. A decision went for us against Hartlepool but I said on Saturday that there would be decisions that go against us, too. "That's life and there's no point in grumbling about it. We tried hard to play and make decisions in our favour but it didn't go our way and we have to eat humble pie."

Source: PA