New Manager is Close

19 May 2010 11:31
City Fans United media officer Jeff Banks has told BBC Radio Merseyside that the club's new manager is close to being appointed. Chester FC are close to appointing a new first team manager following the news that they have been given a provisional place in next season's Vodkat Premier League. Banks told BBC Radio Merseyside this morning that the club's plans are falling into place, "We're at the stage where we are accepting applications for the manger's job, and that is to close on Wednesday. "Hopefully in the not-too-distant future we'll be able to announce the new manager of Chester Football Club. Then it's a case of bringing a squad of players together which will be down to the successful applicant. "Then we'll be looking at the fixtures for pre-season and then the kick off of the league season." There is still lots of work to do for the new CEO of Chester FC and the board of City Fans United before that day in August when a team in Blue and White runs out at the Deva once more but Banks believes that the breakthroughs over the past few weeks mean that all is going to plan. "It's been a great few weeks and obviously we have the lease to the Deva Stadium which was key to our plans," said Banks. "We needed that stadium because it's central to everything for the future of Chester Football Club. "There does need to be stability but at the same time we need to progress up the leagues and to get back to at least conference level as soon as possible. "The plans are in place and we have a great support out there."