Chester FC - Reborn Tonight

20 May 2010 09:48
Tonight sees the official re-birth of Chester Football Club. Chester Mad encourages everyone to attend the meeting that is also being attended by Blues legends Daryl Clare and Grenville Millington, in what will also be a momentous night at one of the most historic venues in Chester, the Guild Hall, on Watergate Street. In this meeting, which is open to the public, City Fans United will be explaining just where we are up to right now, their plans to involve the City and the Community in greater detail, and also detailing how the Chester public can get behind their football club and help it become a success, something we all want to see at the Deva Stadium. CFU will also be inducting Daryl Clare into the CFU Hall of Fame, in his first return to Chester since that glorious season in 2004, and Daryl is really looking forward to seeing everyone again, "I'm really excited to be part of the new era at Chester, and am proud to be asked to take part in the historic night that you are having tonight". The new club crest is one item we're all looking forward to, and will be revealed in all its glory tonight, as fans get the first chance to see the new badge! The meeting starts at 8pm, and doors are open at 7.30pm, and if it's anything like last time, it will be busy, so come down early, and join us on the official launch of Chester Football Club!