25 'Quality' Applicants for Manager's Job

13 May 2010 10:43
The race to become the first manager of Chester Football Club is hotting up according to the Chronicle. More than 25 “quality” applicants have already thrown their hat into the ring in a bid to become the new boss of the resurrected Deva Stadium outfit. The deadline for applications closes next Wednesday and Blues chief executive Steve Ashton has made it clear he wants the new man in place within a matter of weeks. Ashton said: “We’ve had around 25 to 30 applications of what we would describe as quality. “We’ve got former Football League managers in there and managers who have had experience of non-league football. “The application process is totally confidential so I cannot give any leaning into who the applicants are, but I can say the quality is very pleasing. “We want someone in place as soon as possible as there is absolutely no time to waste. The end of May might be a little tight but we would hope to have someone in place by early June as the successful applicant is going to have to build a team from scratch.”


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