Zhirkov prefers Barca switch

10 June 2009 11:34
Russia international midfielder Yuri Zhirkov has admitted that his first-choice destination this summer would be Barcelona rather than Chelsea. The 25-year-old CSKA Moscow ace has been linked with both Barca and the Blues in recent times, but clearly prefers the idea of joining the current Spanish and European champions. He told Sport Express: "I would prefer to join Barcelona, but that does not automatically mean I would turn down Chelsea. "I should stress again that there is a difference between playing for a club and sitting on the bench. If I had to sit on the bench, I wouldn't even want to join Barcelona. "With all else being equal, I would perhaps go to Barcelona because it is a city I like very much and I have friends there. "However, we are talking about something that is a long way from reality right now. I am still yet to receive any specific offers."

Source: ESA