Why Jose Mourinho was right to loan out Romelu Lukaku

16 October 2013 09:17

Much to the despair of Chelsea fans, Romelu Lukaku is enjoying a second successful period away from Stamford Bridge, this time at Roberto Martinez’s Everton. With The Blues’ remaining strikers misfiring somewhat, many a Chelsea fan has questioned manager Jose Mourinho over whether or not the decision to loan out the young Belgian was the correct one. But the logic behind his decision is clear, Lukaku may not be able to physically resist the toll of completing 30 or 40 matches per season as Chelsea’s main front man, and from very early signs against Hull, the striker may take some time to adapt to the fluid and ever changing trio of Juan Mata, Eden Hazard and Oscar playing behind him. So loaning Lukaku out to Everton, with all due respect, a smaller club than Chelsea and giving him the chance to flourish as the main striker could, and is looking to pay dividends for both parties. Chelsea get a razor sharp striker back in the summer, and Everton get a consistent source of goals throughout a season. Everyone wins.

Moreover, Lukaku himself has revealed that he himself asked to go out on loan, in order to get regular game time, telling The Daily Telegraph “'I did not know if I would be playing for Chelsea so I asked the manager to let me leave. We spoke and I told him,'”

'It's unfair to criticise Mourinho for letting me go because it was my decision.”

'He knows what he is doing. He has won so many titles and I have too much respect for him to wish anything but the best, but there comes a point where you must think about yourself to show everyone that you can shine and be one of the best strikers in the league.”

'I could have stayed and fought, but it was not about the competition. When you are a 20-year-old you need minutes. I lost my place in the national team because I did not play for a year with Chelsea.”


Source: DSG