When the Blues Cheered for the Reds

11 April 2014 09:23

Over the last several weeks, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has played down his team’s championship aspirations by claiming that the league table was nothing more than an illusion. In not so many words, he has all but given the title to Manchester City.

Anyone that has followed Mourinho knows that he loves to play mind games and likes to use the media to do so.

Now part of Mourinho’s claim is true; if either Liverpool or Manchester City win out than the title will belong to the one that does. There is fortunately another scenario that gives Chelsea the title.

That scenario has Liverpool beating Manchester City on Sunday and then in a couple weeks, Chelsea beating Liverpool. You can’t write a better movie script!

Liverpool, who currently sits top of the table and has been on a tear lately, are this year’s surprise team. Most pundits thought that Liverpool would be much improved but most didn’t expect this. City on the other hand has been the team that no one can figure out. There are times when City have just been unstoppable and other times when they look like a group of guys that got together on a sunny Saturday for a kick around in the park.

On paper City should be dominating the league table but like Liverpool and Chelsea, they are now forced to fight it out to the very end. As a football fan, you couldn’t ask for anything more.

Sunday could be the game that decides the Premier League Champion this year. Chelsea will just have to take the wait and see approach. This may be hard to swallow but “The Blues” may want to slip into something Red on Sunday and join in with the signing of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” if they have any hope of lifting the Premier League trophy this year.

Source: DSG