What's the Mata with Chelsea and Mourinho?

20 September 2013 09:41

When I first heard Jose was coming back to Stamford Bridge, I'm not going to lie, I was really excited and I thought Chelsea would sweep the other teams in the Premier league to one side. But after the start of the season, what is happening with Chelsea? Simple. Their best player isn't playing.

I was reading on Sky Sports a piece quoting Jamie Carragher and he said that Jose Mourinho does not know what Chelsea's best team is and I 100% percent agree with him. They spent a fair bit of money over the summer, investing heavily in Willian and Andre Shurrle and that's all well and good, but Mourinho doesn't seem to want to play Juan Mata who was their best player last season.

Juan Mata must be getting frustrated being benched every game and not being started against Basel was a bad decision by Mourinho. Chelsea like to keep possession and play on the ground and surely the best player for that would be Mata?

Jose needs to realise soon that Mata is probably one of the top creative midfielders in the world at this moment in time otherwise Chelsea will find themselves out of the title race before its even begun. If there is something going on behind closed doors then it needs to be sorted, otherwise Mata could slap in a transfer request. If he does that I'm sure he won't be short of offers.

We all know what Roman Abramovich is like with unsuccessful managers and, as good as Mourinho is, a season without silverware at The Bridge could see the end of “The Special One's” second reign at Chelsea.


Source: DSG