What a Carry On...

06 April 2010 04:36
Poor Chelsea Ladies. You have to hand it to Chelsea’s official website. Not content to upset a number of fans with their ill-judged April Fools “joke” about changing the Stoke City game on April 25, they then have a fit of the “Carry Ons”. I refer, of course to their headline following the female side’s cup defeat by Arsenal ladies. Now the April Fool episode almost backfired as a number of Irish Chelsea fans contacted Chelsea-mad about Chelsea apparent attempt to change the date of a match so the players could go and support Stamford who is running in the London Marathon. After we contacted Chelsea to alert them that some international fans were having to alter their travel plans, Chelsea immediately posted that the change was indeed an April Fool. Oh! How the Irish fans laughed when we informed them. Now the club has got a fit of the Carry On  up the football match. We are almost expecting Sid James and Kenneth Williams to be writing the headline that explains the girls’ 4-0 defeat on Easter Sunday.# Suffice to say, here at Chelsea-Mad, we don’t go in to the innuendo – Ohhh, Matron. Go see for yourself