Web site mocks star striker

18 April 2011 04:22
Well, will he? Here at Chelsea-Mad, we are a self-mocking crew.We take the plaudits when they arrive and take the flack if necessary.So it was lovely to be see that even the bods at SW6 have a wry sense of humour and like to share it with the extended Chelsea faithful."This would not be allowed on our web site," my trusted source said."Perhaps you can find a useful home for it?"It would be inopportune to reveal the identity of the person who passed me the following web address as they would still like to be employed at the club.But rest assured, I'm sure the site will be taken down in due course, perhaps after Wednesday night's encounter with Birmingham City - or perhaps not!And the address?Go to http://www.hasfernandotorresscoredforchelsea.com/ and see for yourself.