'We are top of the league, I say,,,,'

04 April 2010 05:18
Just keep on winning boys Hema Kanani gives her verdict on Chelsea's win at Old Trafford yesterday. A potential title decider match between Manchester United and Chelsea saw Chelsea with an advantage as Rooney was forced out due to injury. The question I asked myself before the match is – “Is there no team if there is no Rooney?”  Carlo Ancelotti said in his pre match interview that "if they lose the game, it will be difficult to win the title” Resting Didier Drogba when we were told he was match fit left me certainly feeling uneasy.  The biggest game of the season and our star player is on the bench?    When I found out that Mike Dean was referring the match, I put my head in my hands.  Oh no!!!! Help!  …… The handshakes were over and the game commenced.  Already within the first minute Chelsea showed that they came here to win when Deco took a shot wide of the goal.  They came into the game well rested and ready to show to Manchester united that they mean business.  In the 19th minute, the game saw a goal for Chelsea with a fab finish from Joe Cole from the heel of his left foot, lovely touch following a ball from Malouda.  Once Malouda reached the byline, he crossed to Cole on the edge of the six-yard box who did the rest.  It was a poor start from United.  Of course this means nothing as even though Manchester United trail behind, they have gone on to win games. No counter response from Manchester United.  In the 26 minute United, signal a Penalty as Park tumbles over Zhirkov's leg. Referee Mike Dean didn’t really seem interested, but the replay does show some contact.  In the 31st minute, another penalty signal shouted, but this time from Chelsea, when Anelka goes down from a challenge by Neville again Mike Dean is not interested.  Did he really not see the foul or is he trying to stay away from the papers this weekend as he has attracted a lot of criticism lately.    The half time whistle blows with a lead for Chelsea, its not the first time at Old Trafford Chelsea now led and not for the first time at Old Trafford.  Manchester United have to do something, Ferguson needs to make some changes to block the midfield with Paul Scholes and Fletcher struggling.  The second half begins better for United but Chelsea still remain solid.  The 55 minute saw a wonderful free kick opportunity for United after Joe Cole catches Park.  Giggs end up curbing it towards Berbatov, who slips over in the box. No chance.  In the 68 minute Drogba comes on for Anelka.  In the 72 minute there is a change for Manchester United when Scholes comes off for Nani. Macheda has also replaced Park.  Chelsea changed Joe Cole for Kalou.  78 minute sees another goal, maybe controversial when Didier Drogba smacks the ball pass Van Der Sar.  Another goal for Chelsea but replays shows that Drogba was offside.  Never mind. It was another mistake by the referee and the linesman.  United seemed furious and in the 81 minute saw a goal for Manchester United. Nani's cross from the left appearing to strike Macheda on the chest? Or hand?  As Cech watched the ball pasts over the line.  The game continues with chances from both but nothing substantial. The whistle blows for full time.  This win means that Arsenal have a better chance at the title race now.  The question now that people are asking is that did the referee and the Linesman ruin United chances to win the title.  Personally I don’t think so.  Chelsea deserved to win this game, they were well rested and on top form.  Yes, Drogba was offside but Macheda's goal was handball so it makes no difference.    During the game Park could have had a penalty so too could Chelsea for the foul on Anelka by Neville. The correct score should therefore have been 1-0 to Chelsea which still leaves Chelsea top of the table. Manchester United still seem to be on Bayern Munich time or something.  It seems that their season is still very much up in the air following Rooney’s injury.  What is really making me mad about this is that no one is talking about the Macheda handball but everyone is focused on the Drogba’s offside?  Why is it that Manchester United seem to by pass bad press.