Was Mourinho aware of Fergie's decision?

09 May 2013 09:09

Jose Mourinho, who is speculated to leave Real Madrid at the end of the current season, has publicly stated his admiration of Sir Alex Ferguson and a desire to coach the Red Devils sometime in the future. Well, the day might not be far away. With Fergie deciding to walk away into a deserved retirement, the job at Old Trafford is suddenly the most sought after in all of Europe. And who best to replace the Scot than the Special One?

Mourinho could have been aware beforehand of Sir Alex’s decision to hang up his boots at the end of the season and he might have been preparing since to make his way to Manchester. There were a few signs and hints during the course of the season which could have been supporting his aspirations. Mourinho refused to celebrate Real Madrid’s victory at Old Trafford in the second leg of the Champions League of Madrid and United’s knockout tie. He chose to walk way minutes before the final whistle and was rather subdued talking about the victory – a not too subtle gesture to refrain from enraging the hurt United faithful who were reeling from the shock sending off of Nani which subsequently shifted the momentum in United’s favour.

Mourinho has also defended Fergie’s decision to drop Wayne Rooney from the starting lineup for their Champions League match – something we rarely see opposition managers do. During the same match, he has also stated that Sir Alex is the best and cannot be questioned and it is their strong camaraderie that prevailed even after United’s bitter loss. Both of them also continued their fond tradition of exchanging wine before matches and Ferguson also joked recently that Mourinho needs to improve his taste in wine if he wants to come back to England!

Mourinho has also been creating all the trouble he can at Real Madrid and getting more distant by the day from the club’s players and management and what’s more, he has also taken a trip to Ikea recently to buy, if you didn’t know it, packing material. The signs point towards the Special One coming back to England but he might end up taking a detour to Manchester instead of proceeding to Chelsea. Whether this does really happen, time will only tell. Till then let us enjoy Sir Alex’s last hurrah and salute his tremendous achievements.

Source: DSG