Van Basten is no 'Yes' man, Roman

23 May 2011 12:19
Dutchman is favourite to replace Ancelotti Marco Van Basten is the man Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich's advisors want to take over from sacked Carlo Ancelotti if media rumours are to be believed. The Italian was hung out to dry and embarrassed by Chelsea as he was told "That's your Lotti," by chief executive Ron Gourley an hour and a half  after chatting to the media following Chelsea's dismal 0-1 defeat at Everton. Ancelotti was still claiming he did not know if he was still going to be in a job. The cry from Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck on Ancelotti's appointment in the summer of 2009 that the club needed a period of stability [with their coach] was ruthlessly exposed as nonsense yesterday as Abramovich's telephone call to Gourley to get rid of Ancelotti proved. But if Chelsea feel that Van Basten is their prefered man, and there are others touted, Guus Hiddink and perveresly Jose Mourinho, then they will have to contend with a different beast to the "yes" man Ancelotti. Van Basten is no respector of reputations and famously, as national coach to Holland, dropped stalwarts  Clarence Seedorf, Patrick Kluivert, Edgar Davids and Roy Makaay and put  Mark van Bommel on the bench - with the suggestion that those players were past their sell-by date. He then had a falling out with leading striker Ruud van Nistelrooy. The Dutchman is very much is own man and if Abramovich feels that's what's needed to revitalise his club, then Chelsea are going to have to accept that Van Basten wont be content with just coaching the side he's handed - he will want full control - and that includes transfers in and out. But that's not the Abramovich's way, of course - no one tells Abramovich anything unless it's what they know he already wants to hear. So if van basten is to be the man to bring glory and the Champions League to SW6, he will be doing it his way - I'll give him six months.