Transfer Round Up 8th June - Chelsea in for Hulk, Liverpool look to Tevez

08 June 2013 09:13

The biggest transfer news of the day has little to do with players but more with the manager of Swansea Michael Laudrup and who else, my favorite transfer club, Real Madrid. I told you yesterday that Real Madrid were interested in everyone, I was not telling stories. Laudrup is at odds with Chairman Huw Jenkins about transfer targets and his unwillingness to spend money to strengthen the team. Real Madrid’s part in all of this is that it is rumored that they are interested in Laudrup as there next manager. With that said, Jenkins is supposed to sit down with Laudrup on his return from holiday next week to see if they can come to an understanding which will keep Laudrup at Swansea.

The Hulk to Chelsea rumor may be more than just that. Hulk is quoted in a statement to the Mirror’s, Darren Lewis, when asked about the move; “If I said there wasn't anything in it, I would be lying. But that is not for now. At the moment, I am 100% focused on Brazil and I hope to be a Confederations Cup winner with my country. Other matters will have to wait until afterwards.” So maybe Chelsea is truly on the hunt to bring the Hulk to Stamford Bridge. The issue though is the £35 Million price tag that goes with it. Hulk really struggled this past season at Zenit so they may want to bring that transfer fee down a little or maybe go elsewhere.

My favorite transfer rumor has Carlos Tevez going to Liverpool as a replacement for Luis Suarez. It is always a good idea to replace one problem child with another. Tevez is a great player but, Brendan Rodgers is building for the future with his young squad. Liverpool have a good chance of finishing in the top four this coming season without Suarez, so why bring in a needy player like Tevez to stir things up? It’s a redundant question, no need for an answer.

Not a word had been spoken about Newcastle United midfielder Yohan Cabaye since the end of the season so Cabaye decided to do it himself. Cabaye has made the world aware that he would like to leave St. James Park for Old Trafford. Now in fairness, Cabaye has been rumored off and on to be linked with United so maybe he is just making sure that David Moyes has the same interest that Sir Alex Ferguson once did. Cabaye would be a good fit in an attacking midfield role and fill that huge hole that the Red Devil’s have yet to address. I wish him luck on his plan, maybe it will work.

Lastly, Cristiano Ronaldo is rumored to be ready to sign a new contract with Real Madrid. Speaking with the media after his World Cup qualifying match with Russia which Portugal won 1-0, Ronaldo stated: "I am well, calm and not worried about it. I know we will reach a deal." Now, did Ronaldo mean he would reach a deal with Madrid or did he mean that United would reach a deal with Madrid for his transfer? Very mysterious, very mysterious indeed.


Source: DSG

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