Transfer Round Up 20 June - Chelsea's Juan Mata linked with Barca, Suarez a target for Napoli

20 June 2013 09:14

The transfer market has been kind of quite lately will little or no movement. Today has produced a few rumors and a little gossip so let us begin.

We start with Barcelona’s midfielder Thiago Alacantara. There are several suitors right now but none bigger than Manchester United. Not that United is the biggest club that is after Thiago but because they are in the biggest need for a quality midfielder. United have had quite a time finding someone to pair in the middle with Michael Carrick. As we all know it got so bad that United had to pull Paul Scholes back out of retirement to fill the spot. It is now going on four years and United have yet to land a quality midfielder.

Thiago definitely fits the bill and with his ability to score, he should be the midfielder that all United fans have been dreaming of. United are looking to offer £15m to Barca in hopes that this will drive off most competitors but I wouldn’t count on it.

Speaking of quality midfielders, we next move to Chelsea’s Juan Mata. It is being said in some circles that Jose Mourinho has blocked a wage increase that is due the Spanish midfielder. Mata earned the pay raise due to his performance on the pitch last year. Rumors have been numerous that Mata would be leaving Stamford Bridge though he has not said a word that he is unhappy playing for the Blues. The rest of the rumor goes that Barca are preparing a bid for Mata and that they are trying to use his agent and father as leverage in the deal.

It will be surprising if any of this is true. Mata scored 19 goals and had 35 assists last term so how is he not deserving of anything but praise and reward. We will monitor this one closely to see if this one has legs to it.

Lastly we turn to Luis Suarez. Former Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez is looking to fill the hole that is being left behind by the soon departed Edinson Cavani. Benitez is aware that there is no way he can hold on to Cavani so he has set his sights on Suarez. Benitez hopes that with the money he makes on the Cavani transfer, he can then turn that around and spend it on Suarez. Suarez on the other hand is looking to Real Madrid as his new home but they have yet to make any kind of offer. Madrid may be waiting to see how negotiations go with Cristiano Ronaldo before spending big money on any player.

Source: DSG