Transfer Round Up 11 June - Spurs want Gomez, Chelsea get tough on Torres, Ba & Mata

11 June 2013 09:31

Speculation and Rumors drive the craziness of the transfer market for all fans. So let’s start with Tottenham chasing after Bayern Munich striker, Mario Gomez. The bid is said to be somewhere around the £7m mark. If this is true, then this could be a great match for both Spurs and Gomez. Gomez spent most of the last half of the season sitting on the bench due to the escalation to the starting XI by the other Mario…Mandzukic.

Tottenham have issues up front and need a little help. Emmanuel Adebayor comes and goes as he pleases and Jermain Defoe spends a lot of quality time in the Physicians Office. The 27-year-old Gomez, if he makes the move, should find himself up front for most of Tottenham’s games this season. Gomez is drawing interest from other clubs right now so Spurs better sign him quickly or run the risk of losing him to an Italian team.

Yesterday Jose Mourinho was welcomed back to Stamford Bridge “officially” as Chelsea’s new manager. He has already been rumored to be chasing after several players and letting the current team know that everyone will have to fight for their job.

It is almost a sure bet that Fernando Torres will be wearing a different jersey and maybe learning another language at the start of the European season. Demba Ba is also said to be on the selling block because he doesn’t fit Mourinho’s style of play. The craziest one has to be Juan Mata being pushed out and possible off to….wait for it… Real Madrid. You knew I was going to work them in somewhere.

Mata has been the best and most consistent player Chelsea could field over the last two years and now he too is being pushed out. I find this one too hard to believe but if it is true, I believe Real Madrid may face a bidding war for Mata. There are many teams out there that could use his talent.

Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel may be on the move in a couple weeks if he is unable to come to some kind of understanding with Brendan Rodgers. Skrtel lost his starting position to Jamie Carragher right after New Years and there is no guarantee that Skrtel will get his job back now that Carragher has retired. He is currently rumored to be heading to Italy if the issues cannot be resolved. New Napoli manager Rafa Benitez would love to have Skrtel with him as he looks to add to Napoli’s roster depth.

We finish up with a couple of “Quick Hits”; Carlos Tevez is said to have been offered two more years so it looks like he may be going nowhere at the present time. Fernando Torres is on his way out of Chelsea and it looks like he will follow his twice former manager, Rafa Benitez to Napoli. Since Torres has not performed to the level that most thought he should at Stamford Bridge, Napoli should get him for a good price. Last but not least, Robert Lewandowski is keeping many teams up late on how to best convince him that their team is the right fit. This bidding war has just started and should reach a fever pitch before the transfer window opens.

Source: DSG