The Premier League Season in Review...Sort of

24 May 2013 09:03

It is hard to believe that the English Football season is over, that is except for the last playoff game between the Udinese Academy of England…sorry, loaned players of Watford and Ian Holloway’s Crystal Palace. The winner gets a spot in the Premier League and the losers get to go home to Italy.

The season started with several new players relocating to new homes. Robin van Persie moved to Manchester United, while Clint Dempsey and Mousa Dembele headed to Tottenham. Luka Modric left the country altogether and ended up in Madrid, Spain sitting on a bench while the Spanish media berated him constantly.

Prime Minister David Cameron said he was "profoundly sorry" for what he called a "double injustice" against the families of the Hillsborough Disaster. It was a pivotal moment in football history where the truth came out and there was finally “Justice for the 96”. Amen!

Many managers came and went. Mark Hughes was sacked.again. St. Harry Redknapp took the reins of QPR only to find that Hughes left him a team full of overpriced players that lacked any heart or talent and could not save them from relegation. Nigel Adkins who had a great run with Southampton getting them promoted twice, found himself looking for a new job in January. Two months later he ended up in Reading and then found a good Barrister to sue Southampton for unpaid wages. Roman Abramovich did what he does best; he panicked, and then fired Robert Di Matteo. He then went and hired the most hated man ever to utter the word Chelsea, Rafa Benitez.

Benitez was able to secure a Champions League spot and he did win the Europa League right before he was given a one way ticket to Napoli, or at least that is where we believe he is going. He did get a parting gift named Fernando Torres to keep him company, you know, in case he gets lonelyallegedly.

In January, Chelsea decided to play a match almost every day while February ushered in Manchester City claiming every week that they were still in the title race. Swansea brought joy to Wales by capturing the Capital One Cup. While Reading, Wigan and Aston Villa played leap frog in the relegation zone.

We end the season with a shocking win, Wigan beat Man City for their first ever FA Cup and then they were off to the Championship to show the trophy to everybody. At least one Roberto got to keep his job, Man City sent the other Roberto on a permanent holiday without references. Chelsea decided to repeat the month January and played another nine matches in April and finished up with six more in a 17 day span in May.

Manchester United lifted a 20th League trophy while Sir Alex Ferguson shocked the football world with his retirement. It is with a fond farewell that we also say goodbye to football legends, Jamie Carragher, Michael Owen, David Beckham and Paul Scholes.again. Until August, I bid you all adieu!

Source: DSG

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