The new overhauled Chelsea FC: A Team Balanced to Perfection?

28 July 2014 09:25

It’s obvious and natural. Chelsea FC gets their men by hook or crook (But mostly by cash and negotiations). With Didier Drogba, Diego Costa, Felipe Luis and Cesc Fabregas their star deals of the summer, it’s worth taking a peak into the club’s team balance and squad depth for the coming season.

Their defense is arguably one of the best not only in England, but probably in Europe. They have a very solid defense. Courtois and Petr Cech being one of the best between the sticks, with Schwarzer as experienced cover, they have some great goalkeepers. Cahill and Terry are the best center-back partnership in the league. Ashley Cole has left after a great career, but Atletico Madrid’s Felipe Luis is an ideal replacement. Azpiliceuta and Ivanovic are tremendous going forward, especially the former’s crosses and the latter’s headers always stand out. David Luiz will not be missed very badly.

Cesc Fabregas is the only name enough to show their strength in midfield. But nevertheless, different players will do different duties under Jose Mourinho’s tactical fiddling. Ramires is the one to run around. Tirelessly. Matic is the solid anchor, breaking down attacks with his strength and intelligence. Salah, Willian, Moses and Hazard are the men with skill and pace on the flanks. Schurrle and Oscar are developing into versatile attacking midfielders centrally and on the flanks as well. Mikel is not very creative, but he excels at keeping possession, a vital quality.

With Torres looking to shift to Monaco and Demba Ba and Eto’o no more with Chelsea, we have two new forwards. Diego Costa is the star of Atletico’s title winning season. Tactically he is a smart target man and should benefit from the exceptionally talented passing of the crafty Chelsea midfield. And well Didier Drogba, the beast, is simply coming home. Expect him to mentor Costa on ‘How it is done in England’ (Costa had an abysmal World Cup, by the way). Didier Drogba’s signing is a major mind game by the club and looks to be a bigger plan than it looks. A little slower now, expect him to contribute immensely. Lukaku, if he stays back will finish the devastating forward line of the team.

Add to all this, the crafty and tactically brilliant manager Jose Mourinho, and you have a very very balanced team to look forward to. The only downside is the un-entertaining display the team has, even after spending so much cash. Hope to see the bus less parked this season!

Source: DSG