Stevie G must break loose: Liverpool's inspiration has to rule over Essien

14 April 2009 12:32
When it comes to delivering his final address to Liverpool's players at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday evening, Rafa Benitez is unlikely to be struggling for inspiration. His team might need to score at least three goals in the second leg of this Champions League quarter-final but he could point to the three Bolton scored in a 10th of the time last weekend. If Gary Megson's lesser beings can do it in nine minutes, why can't Liverpool in 90? The Anfield manager could also point to the three goals they needed to score in the second half of that extraordinary 2005 Champions League final against AC Milan in Istanbul, or the fact that John Terry will be missing from the Chelsea side tonight. Then there are the four goals Liverpool scored at Blackburn, one of which was an absolute world-class effort from Fernando Torres, or Benitez might wish to remind his team of their 1-0 victory at Stamford Bridge this season, which ended Chelsea's 86-game unbeaten run in the Barclays Premier League. Benitez might also argue that not only does the referee appear to be on their side but he would also seem to have it in for Guus Hiddink and some of his players.

Source: Daily_Mail