SoleHeaven - Footwear supplier to the game's biggest stars

12 November 2009 12:54
Today's footballers have become style icons, setting trends with their off-the-pitch attire and footwear and inspiring a generation to dress in their image.

But it's not easy for the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and John Terry to walk down the High Street without being mobbed. That's why more and more professional footballers are buying their footwear online at

SoleHeaven is an award winning british sneaker retailer, with arguably the best selection of kicks on the market.

They specialise in limited edition and exclusive colourways from all the top sportswear brands, and you can take a look for yourself at their stunning website -

It's a great site with lots of added extras about break dancing, custom kicks and street art.

SoleHeaven was vetted and selected by Platinum Players, who hand-pick service providers, retailers and contractors for big-name footballers.

The owner of Platimum Players, Andrew Taylor of Middlesborough, said: "I'm really pleased to announce the associated partnership with are the preferred supplier of sneakers to the Platinum Players members, and the feedback about their inclusion has been outstanding"

- staff

Source: DSG