Should Andre play more to make 'Schurrle' of regaining the Premier League Title?

03 March 2014 09:40

Scoring a hat-trick and producing an inspiring second half performance should get you in every team weekly by right, surely? For Chelsea in Saturday’s match against Fulham at Craven Cottage, Andre Schurrle produced both, giving his team a huge leap towards gaining their fourth Premier League Crown.

There is a question that might need answering though- why hasn't he been included in the table toppers starting eleven more often?

After arriving to England as Mourinho’s first summer signing, Schurrle has found opportunities very hard to come by with the blues boss preferring to start others in his place.

In most to nearly all of Chelsea’s games that he has featured in this season, Schurrle has looked dangerous. He is a brilliant attacking presence for Chelsea, as he was at his former team Bayer Leverkusen, where his goals aided the German side to a place in the Champions League, Europe’s most coveted competition.

There is a lack of strikers at Stamford Bridge, and what also doesn’t help the three time Premier League Champions, is that those entrusted in that position are not firing on all cylinders regularly enough. Surely the German’s three goal salvo should be enough prove that he can be what Chelsea will need to stay at the summit of the Premier League?

He can play either as a winger or a second striker, has blistering pace and is clinical in front of goal, surely it is essential he plays as much as he can for the team who last won the title in 2010.

He also has added incentive to play, with the World Cup in Brazil looming; Schurrle will be desperate to play regularly.

Fernando Torres is not looking likely to be in Spain’s squad and Demba Ba is not going to the tournament with Senegal (granted it’s seems Schurrle is ahead of him in Mourinho’s pecking order anyway,) but assuredly, he will be wanting game time to boost his chances to stake his claim to be involved in Germany’s squad for the finals.

Yes, Chelsea are top of the league, and no we are all not a masterful football tacticians like Jose Mourinho, but should Chelsea reconsider their tactics and introduce a more counter attacking style for the rest of the season to include the 23 year old German more often and to ensure the title comes back to West London?


Source: DSG