Shevchenko reopens rift

09 March 2007 08:52
Chelsea striker Andriy Shevchenko has blasted Blues manager Jose Mourinho just when it appeared that matters at Stamford Bridge were settling down. Reports throughout the season have suggested tension between Blues owner Roman Abramovich and Mourinho, but Shevchenko has now confirmed the problems that exist. The Ukraine international told German tv website "It's true I have complained about Mourinho, but there are a lot of things which drove me to that. "A few months ago I suddenly became his dartboard because he was having a spat with the president at the time. "I'm an employee of the club so I do what the president says. "The manager never spoke to me or played me in the position where my strengths lie. "It's also no secret that I was more on Mr Abramovich's wish list than the manager's. "In the transfer talks, Mr Mourinho seemed positive and happy at first. "A manager should be objective and not take it out on a player. For the first time in my career a manager said in public that I did not completely fit in with his plan. "That's not exactly great motivation. If he thinks that why am I here? "One on one with me he cleared the matter up and said his opinion had been twisted. But inside it still bothers me. "I don't like arguing but I don't forget things either. If the club boss asks me again what I think of the manager then I'll speak for me personally. "Mourinho is a very good manager, but I don't fit into his system. In any event I know it can't carry on like that. "Our relationship is professional. Nothing more nothing less. He is a tactical fox and has strict beliefs, but I've had better managers."

Source: ESA