Settle on a boss, Roman

20 February 2013 05:29

League formats are the scourge of Stamford Bridge these days and yet failure can only be regarded as puzzling when compared with Chelsea’s cup form.

Early in the current campaign both domestic and European leagues proved beyond Chelsea’s reach. Their inconsistency is of course a cause and effect of the managerial merry-go-round favoured by Russian ‘boy with a toy’ owner Roman Abramovich. But to observe their destruction of admittedly lower league Brentford in Sunday’s FA Cup round four tie was to see a different side to the Blues.

It’s almost as though they have accepted that third place is the best they can hope for in the league this year. However, Chelsea are a well-oiled cup machine because they know that man for man they are as good as anyone, and will be expecting to challenge for both the FA and Europa cups, having lost out to Swansea at the semi-final stage of the Capital One competition.

It’s sad to see them so restricted by the chopping and changing within the ranks. They have good players and, given the chance to gel could iron out the inconsistencies that prevent them from being serious title contenders at this time.

Even with all the unsettling staff changes and constant external conjecture that goes with being Chelsea FC in the Abramovich era they remain a club committed to winning trophys. They are the holders of the Champions League and the FA cup. Come on Roman, stop tying your club’s hands, decide who you want in charge and give him time to win you back the title.

Source: DSG