Ronaldo to Chelsea! Is this the deal that Mourinho is holding out for?

28 May 2013 01:29

It’s the big gap in Chelsea’s squad. Everyone can see it, so it surely can’t be something that has slipped under the radar of Jose Mourinho. Sure, there may be an addition or two required elsewhere, but the big need for the Blues is in the striker department.

Although Fernando Torres finished the season on an upswing, it was rising from a very low base. Aside from the Spaniard, Demba Ba has contributed a few goals, but if the club have aspirations to challenge for the title and the big pots in Europe, these pair probably aren’t going to cut the mustard. Sure, there’s RomeluLukaku, all muscular and powerful promise, but next season will be another learning one for the Belgian. What Chelsea need is a top notch striker – and soon. Although being linked with Lewandowski and Falcao, these two ships have apparently sailed to Munich and Monaco respectively. So are Chelsea risking missing the boat, or is there a plan in place?

Over at the Bernabeu, club president Perez is again in the news today, lauding the Ronaldo. Sky reporting as saying "I think Cristiano is the best player in the world. We want to build the Madrid of the future around him and I would like Cristiano to be the best-paid player in the world." It’s the type of ‘we love you’ talk designed to persuade any player to stay at a club, plus the ‘at any brass’ issue adds extra weight. The question is however then, why is Ronaldo not putting pen to paper. With two years remaining on the player’s contract, Madrid may be facing a bit of a crisis if he refuses to sign a further deal. Losing the “best player in the world” would be bad enough. Seeing his ‘sell on’ value diminish day-by-day as the contract end approaches must be the very stuff of nightmares.

So, here’s a scenario to ponder. Chelsea, in obvious need of a striker have made little or no attempt to acquire the hotshots of the moment, watching then move to other clubs with apparently no interest. Madrid, are readying a massive bid for Tottenham’s Gareth Bale. Talk is that it’ll be in the £60million range. That’s a lot of euros to find down the back of the settee, even for Perez. Financial fair play, and all that, being what it is. Ronaldo, despite having adulation and loads of dosh waved under his nose, shows no sign of signing. Can you see where I’m leading?

Now, I’m not saying this is true, but in the absence of hard facts, when you ignore the impossible, all that is is left is the possible. Ronaldo signs for Chelsea, allowing Mourinho to boost his ego – and that of owner Abramovich – by landing back at Stamford Bridge with a present to solve the club’s striking issue. Ronaldo gets a new opportunity to push his claim for the Ballon d’Or in a top league massively suited to his talents, and away from the shadow of Messi. Madrid gets a bundle of brass, buy Bale, keep a profit on the deal, and launch him as the ‘marque player at the Bernabeu. There you have it, everyone’s happy. Now I’m not saying this will happen, but you can’t deny the logic, and in football, who knows!

Source: DSG