Romelu Lukaku 'will never kick a ball for Chelsea'

By 10 December 2013 10:06

If you are one of the many Chelsea fans angrily posting on forums and phoning ‘talk sport’ every five minutes, frustrated at having to watch Romelu Lukaku bulging the net for Everton week after week, I suggest you spend that energy finishing the report you are supposed to be doing or making a start on the essay that’s due in tomorrow.

Why? Because Romelu Lukaku will never kick a ball for Chelsea.

For Chelsea fans, turning on ‘Match of the Day’ must not only feel like watching a ‘youtube’ video of your girlfriend with the bloke from the pub but knowing that there will be a new video uploaded every Saturday night until May.

Despite a decent run of form for his adopted club and a clamour in the press demanding the reasoning behind Mourinho allowing the 20 year-old Belgian to go out on loan, this doesn’t negate a few uncomfortable truths for members of the Lukaku fan club. The fact is that it was just 15 games ago that the youngster wasn’t deemed good enough to start the last game of the season for West Brom, later coming off the bench to spoil Sir Alex Fergusons leaving do. Something Jose Mourinho clearly concurred with.

I also suggest that part of the media’s obsession with the situation is purely an irresistible opportunity for them to poke the self proclaimed ‘Special One’ with a big Lukaku shaped stick.

Always fun.

I also recently heard the 6’3” Striker described as a “Belgian Andy Carroll’. That’s no disrespect to either International footballer but it does say something about the type of player we are talking about and is this really what Chelsea need to progress and perform in the latter stages of the Champions League? Lukaku’s technical flaws are apparent and despite having some terrific assets, his touch and ability to hold the ball up have been questioned.

The reality is that Romelu Lukaku isn’t yet the player that Didier Drogba was when the aging front man was allowed to leave Stamford Bridge. That Jose Mourinho allowed the inexperienced youngster to depart for Merseyside, believing that big money signings Fernado Torres and Demba Ba were better equipped to spear head Chelsea’s attempt to regain the Premiership title should be of no surprise.

Certainly Lukaku would have been a useful member of the Chelsea squad this season had he stayed at The Bridge but with a healthy amount of hind sight couldn’t we all be managing one of the top 4?

With the funds available to Mourinho, funds that were earmarked for the purchase of a certain W.Rooney in the summer, it is far more likely that a proven European Striker will be purchased by the Blues in one of the 2 transfer windows before Lukaku could return. That a resurgent Everton are certain to make a serious offer for the Belgian, particularly if they are in Champions League contention, makes the chances of Lukaku ever wearing the blue of Chelsea EXTREMELY unlikely.

If you have a Chelsea shirt with ‘LUKAKU’ on the back, I suggest you take care of it, it may well be a collectors item one day.


Source: DSG

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