Redknapp sympathises with stars who succumb to temptations off the pitch

05 February 2010 11:35
Harry Redknapp has suggested standards of behaviour expected of modern footballers may be too high.

The Spurs boss hinted the public expects players to behave 'like monks' but that it was not always possible to resist temptations such as attractive women, and that everyone makes mistakes.

Chelsea defender John Terry faces an anxious wait to discover whether he will be removed from his position as England captain after details emerged last week of an alleged affair with team-mate Wayne Bridge's ex-girlfriend, French underwear model Vanessa Perroncel.

Sex scandal: John Terry (left) and Vanessa Perroncel (right)

And Redknapp told The Sun newspaper that there are plenty of women looking to attract footballers, highlighting the glamorous lifestyles they live as a reason.

He said: 'You could say professional footballers have to live like monks but these are young men in their prime. Sure there is always that two lettered word NO but it can be difficult.

'It should be the best time of their life but so much can go wrong. Show me someone who says they have never made a mistake and I will show you a liar. All of us have made mistakes at one time or other.

'Young guys like girls and, to be honest, some of the girls do look fantastic - but remember that it takes two to tango.

Good example: Manchester United's star striker Wayne Rooney

'Of course the temptations are there. These are wealthy lads who can afford nice houses without worrying too much about how to pay for it and they would be a good catch for the right girl. You are talking about lifestyles some can only dream of and I'm sure most, if not every, player wants to find the right girl.'

Redknapp also highlighted the example of Manchester United star Wayne Rooney to show that footballers can reap the rewards on the pitch if they live settled family lives off it.

'If you look at Wayne Rooney you can see how being a real family man with a wife and baby has changed him a bit on the pitch.

'When you look at how many pros there are, the number who hit the headlines for the wrong reasons is very small. Will it ever reach zero? Somehow I don't think so.'

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Source: Daily_Mail

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