Premier League 2014/15 club preview: Chelsea

04 July 2014 11:34

So it would seem that Mourinho is set on clearing out the old guard with the departures of Cole, Lampard and Eto’o with possibly more to follow. It’s no secret that Mourinho’s second tenure has not yet quite hit the heights of the first. The problem for the other clubs in the league is I think that he will!

So, how can they improve? They have a plethora of talent in the midfield, bolstered by the signing of good ol’ Cesc. Up front is the area where you will find various shape holes of people who were employed to pop the ball in the back of the net and, to be brutally honest, failed miserably. With the agreed deal for Diego Costa, this looks to have paved the way, although this writer is not Costa’s biggest fan. With a history of troublemaking and a pathetic attempt at a headbutt against the Netherlands Bruno Martins Indi in their recent World Cup clash, leaves a lot to be desired. Does one good season in Spain make you a world-beater?

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Felipe Luis, Mario Mandzukic, Ezequiel Lavezzi, Paulinho and err Didier Drogba?

So Who?

Personally, I think that Mandzukic is the best shout although it remains unlikely he would want to leave Germany. His attributes and records point to the goal scorer that they need, maybe to partner old Bad Milk up front. Failing that, pick up the phone….’Hey, Didier!’

Source: DSG