PICTURE SPECIAL: Stuffed in a bin liner, is this any way to treat the Cup?

01 June 2009 09:17
First won in 1872, the FA Cup is the most famous trophy in the world - and Chelsea looked thrilled to have won it. So this seems a rubbish way to treat the old thing, stuffed in a bin liner in the boot of a car. The FA Cup normally travels the country in a velvet-lined security case, with two commissionaires who wear white gloves to touch it, but not on Saturday night. A Chelsea spokesman explained: 'The Cup was taken back to the Bridge by a senior Chelsea security officer in his car after the party. The bag was a precautionary measure so as not to scratch it.' We can't help thinking that Everton would not have treated the FA Cup in such a cavalier fashion.  

Source: Daily_Mail

World Cup Group G

Pos Team Pld Pts
- Belgium 0 0
- Panama 0 0
- Tunisia 0 0
- England 0 0