Mourinho feels hard done by

31 August 2013 08:46

Jose Mourinho hinted his belief that there is a conspiracy against him after Chelsea's European Super Cup penalty shootout defeat to Bayern Munich in Prague.

Pep Guardiola's Bayern Munich twice came from behind to beat Mourinho's 10-man Chelsea, winning the trophy with a 5-4 shootout success after substitute Romelu Lukaku saw his effort saved by Manuel Neuer.

Mourinho felt aggrieved by the dismissal of Ramires for a second yellow card, a decision which left Chelsea to play the whole of extra time with 10 men.

Mourinho made his feelings about referee Jonas Eriksson clear on the pitch and it continued afterwards.

"If you are in love with football, you don't kill a final with a second yellow card like this," Mourinho said. "There were many other yellow cards during the match that the referee didn't give.

"If you ask me in pure terms, rule by rule, yes it was a second yellow card. But you don't do every action in that way.

"In English football, with English referees, with people who love the game and who love to communicate with the players and who love to coach the players, a good English referee stops the game, tells Ramires: 'Look, you've not hurt anyone, but you mustn't do that again'.

"Or tell the Bayern players: 'Don't dive. Don't try and provoke. Play a fair game'. And the game would be 11 against 11. But it's nothing new for me."

Mourinho then reeled off a series of past instances where he felt hard done by.

"At Chelsea (in his first spell), I played two or three times with 10 men against Barcelona," he said. "I went to Inter and played a Champions League semi-final, one hour, with 10 men against Barcelona.

Source: PA