Mourinho could be primed to start Chelsea's big spending?

By 09 July 2013 02:11

So far, it’s been fairly restrained. Schurrle and van Ginkel have been added to the roster at Stamford Bridge, but both fall into the long-term investment category, whereas the big signing has yet to be achieved. Rumours are spreading now however that the dam could be about to break.

The red tops have been stating that following Arsenal’s reported abortive attempt to sign Luis Suarez from Liverpool with a £30million bid will be chased up by the Blues with a higher amount, thought to be in the region of £40million. Now Liverpool have said that they do not want to sell the Uruguayan, but his agent has released a statement asserting his client’s wish still to move on. With the reason now being espoused as a desire for Champions’ League football, the chances of him joining another Premier league will have increased. It still seems likely that Real Madrid will be the Uruguayan’s final destination, Chelsea’s interest is an indication of the sort of brass they are prepared to throw at the need for a star striker.

Over in Italy, AC Milan have reported that they have received a bid from an unnamed Premier League club for Chelsea target Stephen El Shaarawy. There’s no indication from Milan that the club is Chelsea, but the link is clear.

Back in England, the Rooney saga continues to drag on. Whilst David Moyes has put the ‘no sale’ signs up, the speculation across the tabloids remains aflame. Recently talk has been that Chelsea would be prepared to not only meet the transfer fee required, but would be prepared to countenance a weekly wage of some £250,000, should the player be able to extricate himself from Old Trafford.

Moving down to the Midlands, it took a fairly brief amount of time from Christian Benteke handing in a transfer request, before Mourinho’s interest was posted alongside that of Spurs. It could be argued to be an unlikely prospect however, as the Blues already have a powerful young Belgian striker who had a strong season last term in the Midlands. Wanting two may be seen as being a trifle greedy.

It’s clear that not all of these speculated deals will come to fruition, but one might. If only a small portion of the speculation about Chelsea’s spending plans turn out to be true, it’s safe to say that there could be some movement of brass from the Abramovich coffers in the next month or so.

Source: DSX