Mata and Cahill give Chelsea fans a new hope

26 February 2013 09:59

Trailing 2-0 to Manchester City last weekend at the Etihad has opened the door to different reactions from both the fans, players and the manager.

The common reaction, regarded as an excuse and should not apply at all, is that the club is experiencing an impending fixture pile-up that has fatigued players leading to their poor performances.

However, Gary Cahill and Juan Mata have looked at this quandary from a different viewpoint and are offering a new hope for Chelsea fans.

Despite Cahill admitting that fatigue played a role in their poor performance last weekend, he insisted they needed to focus on getting results and worry less about excuses that might land them in a very precarious situation.

Cahill said, "Unfortunately it does take its toll. We haven't had a clear week for about 29 weeks and you're expecting to go into games feeling 100% fresh, trying to push on further in all competitions. I think at this stage of the season, it is not an excuse, but fatigue has to play a part." "We have two cups and obviously trying to get the Champions League spot. That is our aim from now until the end of the season, all three are in our own hands so we need to keep going and plug away and make sure we achieve the goals we want to achieve."

On the other hand, Mata said that the club must use the previous disappoints as a motivational factor to triumph in the upcoming matches, which would see them possible winning the FA Cup, Europa League and a ticket for Champions League next season.

In his official blog,, Mata said, "we're sorry for our fans. We can still win two titles. That, plus getting a ticket to play the next Champions League, is our motivation with a view to the rest of the season and we will fight for those goals until the end, like this club has always done."

Source: DSG