Loyal Hiddink draws a line under Chelsea return rumours

08 June 2009 11:55
Despite winning the hearts and minds of Chelsea players and fans alike - not to mention the FA Cup - Russia coach Guus Hiddink says he will not return to Stamford Bridge after the 2010 World Cup. After a 21-game spell in charge, the 62-year-old returned to Moscow to spearhead Russia's bid to qualify for South Africa. And after reviving the club in that four-month spell, the Dutchman poured cold water over suggestions that he will return to West London when his contract with the Russian FA expires next summer. Asked by respected Russian newspaper Sport Express if he dreams of a return to England, he quipped: 'I do not dream. 'Even when I do dream, I can't remember anything about it in the morning. 'Chelsea have agreed a three-year contract with a good coach in Carlo Ancelotti. The club needs stability.' Hiddink, who took Russia to the semi-finals of Euro 2008, reiterated the short-term nature of his deal with Chelsea chairman Roman Abramovich - and his loyalty to Russia. 'Even when Roman asked me to help out, my first reaction was, 'Can I do it in light of my commitments to Russia, the National Academy of Football etc?' 'We analysed the fixtures and it revealed that four months at Chelsea wouldn't interfere with the national team. From the very beginning, Abramovich and I knew that, at the end of May, my time at the club would be over. 'Chelsea are a good team and had good results so, naturally, people started to say, "You must regret the fact that you have to leave". I regret nothing. From the moment I joined, I knew that would be the case. 'In the past few years, we have changed the whole system of football in Russia and it is an ongoing process. 'I couldn't turn round in the middle of our qualification campaign and say, "Guy, I'm very sorry, but I'm going to work for Chelsea".'

Source: Daily_Mail