Lamps never considered quitting

10 September 2012 08:47
Frank Lampard says he did not consider quitting international football in the summer and is pleased he never turned his back on England. The Chelsea midfielder has not always been a popular selection with England fans throughout his impressive career, but has continued to remain available for the Three Lions. The 34-year-old's brace in the 5-0 win over Moldova on Friday night took his tally to 25 goals in 92 caps and Lampard admits he is happy he always persevered with his England career.

"I am very proud of my England career," said Lampard. "With England careers, they can't always be rosy for any player especially if you are going to get towards 100 caps. "I am very proud of the games, the goals, the games I have been involved in. The only downside is that we have not won anything. That's something we all want to put right. "I am pleased I didn't bail out when I was getting stick because there can be easy routes particularly when you get to 30.

You are allowed to retire from that age onwards. "I was never interested in that. Whether I carry on playing one more game or 15, I'd like to think people will say 'he was really proud to play for his country and put in a good contribution'. "If they say that I will be very happy." Lampard missed Euro 2012 through injury but it never crossed his mind that it would be an appropriate time to concentrate purely on club football.

He said: "When I got injured in the summer, it was one of those.but I never actually considered it (quitting). I haven't got it in me. "I'm not saying I'll stay available to be picked forever because it becomes obvious at some stage. But it's not my thing. "My dad has always been a quiet advocate of playing for your country and the fact you are a long time retired, that while you feel you can contribute, do it. "Even in those tough times, when I had a tough game, or was getting stick, my dad was adamant on me staying in the game because we are so privileged to be here. "But I didn't talk to him this summer as I knew the answer I'd have got - 'keep going'."

Source: team_talk

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