Lampard's ton as England nab draw

10 September 2013 10:01
Top of league but Lamps could have won it.

Frank Lampard almost scored the vital go in Kiev tonight to celebrate his 100th cap for England.<p>Unfortunately for the Chelsea legend, his scuffed header two minutes into added time at the end of the World Cup Qualifier against Ukraine zipped wide of the goal.<p>The Blues were well represented with Ashley Cole and Gary Cahill always on the spot to thwart the home side's strikers.<p>England got to their final two matches in the group at the head of the pile and wins at Wembley against Montenegro and Poland next month will ensure their participation in next year's World Cup finals in Brazil.

<p>Lampard made his debut against France in 2003.His full England stats are:

UKR, 10th Sep 13 (WCQ) MDA, 6th Sep 13 (WCQ) SCO, 14th Aug 13 (FR) BRA, 2nd Jun 13 (FR) IRL, 29th May 13 (FR) SMR, 22nd Mar 13 (WCQ) BRA, 6th Feb 13 (FR) UKR, 11th Sep 12 (WCQ) MDA, 7th Sep 12 (WCQ) ITA, 15th Aug 12 (FR) ESP, 12th Nov 11 (FR) MNE, 7th Oct 11 (ECQ) WAL, 6th Sep 11 (ECQ) BUL, 2nd Sep 11 (ECQ) SUI, 4th Jun 11 (ECQ) WAL, 26th Mar 11 (ECQ) DEN, 9th Feb 11 (FR) HUN, 11th Aug 10 (FR) GER, 27th Jun 10 (WCF) SVN, 23rd Jun 10 (WCF) ALG, 18th Jun 10 (WCF) USA, 12th Jun 10 (WCF) JPN, 30th May 10 (FR) EGY, 3rd Mar 10 (FR) BLR, 14th Oct 09 (WCQ) UKR, 10th Oct 09 (WCQ) CRO, 9th Sep 09 (WCQ) SVN, 5th Sep 09 (FR) NED, 12th Aug 09 (FR) AND, 10th Jun 09 (WCQ) KAZ, 6th Jun 09 (WCQ) UKR, 1st Apr 09 (WCQ) SVK, 28th Mar 09 (FR) ESP, 11th Feb 09 (FR) BLR, 15th Oct 08 (WCQ) KAZ, 11th Oct 08 (WCQ) CRO, 10th Sep 08 (WCQ) AND, 6th Sep 08 (WCQ) CZE, 20th Aug 08 (FR) USA, 28th May 08 (FR) CRO, 21st Nov 07 (ECQ) AUT, 16th Nov 07 (FR) RUS, 17th Oct 07 (ECQ) EST, 13th Oct 07 (ECQ) GER, 22nd Aug 07 (FR) EST, 6th Jun 07 (ECQ) BRA, 1st Jun 07 (FR) ISR, 24th Mar 07 (ECQ) ESP, 7th Feb 07 (FR) NED, 15th Nov 06 (FR) CRO, 11th Oct 06 (ECQ) MKD, 7th Oct 06 (ECQ) MKD, 6th Sep 06 (ECQ) AND, 2nd Sep 06 (ECQ) GRE, 16th Aug 06 (FR) POR, 1st Jul 06 (WCF) ECU, 25th Jun 06 (WCF) SWE, 20th Jun 06 (WCF) TRI, 15th Jun 06 (WCF) PAR, 10th Jun 06 (WCF) JAM, 3rd Jun 06 (FR) HUN, 30th May 06 (FR) ARG, 12th Nov 05 (FR) POL, 12th Oct 05 (WCQ) AUT, 8th Oct 05 (WCQ) NIR, 7th Sep 05 (WCQ) WAL, 3rd Sep 05 (WCQ) DEN, 17th Aug 05 (FR) AZE, 30th Mar 05 (WCQ) NIR, 26th Mar 05 (WCQ) NED, 9th Feb 05 (FR) ESP, 17th Nov 04 (FR) AZE, 13th Oct 04 (WCQ) WAL, 9th Oct 04 (WCQ) POL, 8th Sep 04 (WCQ) AUT, 4th Sep 04 (WCQ) UKR, 18th Aug 04 (FR) POR, 24th Jun 04 (ECF) CRO, 21st Jun 04 (ECF) SUI, 17th Jun 04 (ECF) FRA, 13th Jun 04 (ECF) ISL, 5th Jun 04 (FAST) JPN, 1st Jun 04 (FAST) POR, 18th Feb 04 (FR) DEN, 16th Nov 03 (FR) TUR, 11th Oct 03 (ECQ) LIE, 10th Sep 03 (ECQ) MKD, 6th Sep 03 (ECQ) CRO, 20th Aug 03 (FR) SVK, 11th Jun 03 (ECQ) SCG, 3rd Jun 03 (FR) RSA, 22nd May 03 (FR) AUS, 12th Feb 03 (FR) PAR, 17th Apr 02 (FR) ITA, 27th Mar 02 (FR) NED, 13th Feb 02 (FR) SWE, 10th Nov 01 (FR) NED, 15th Aug 01 (FR) ESP, 28th Feb 01 (FR) BEL, 10th Oct 99 (FR)

Source: Chelsea MAD